Variety of Fiber Optic Gyroscopes


All time smallest gyroscope VG091A Smallest magnetically shielded FOG VG091A-2LN MS Smallest north-seeking gyroscope VG091A-2LN Gyro VG091B with orthogonal (to VG091A) axis orientation Magnetically shielded FOG VG091B-2LN MS  Gyroscope VG091B-2LN with low noise performance   Smallest super robust gyro VG1703
 Gyro sensor VG103PT with outstanding shock/vibration endurance  extra sensitive FOG VG103LN Compact 1 200g gyroscope VG103S FOG VG103LND with RS232/RS422 & low noise performance Fiber optic gyro VG103F1 with built-in bias calibration  Gyroscope VG103D with RS232/RS422 & built-in diagnostics  Low noise FOG VG103F1-LN with built-in bias calibration
 +125°C operating gyro VG910H125C  Low noise 500g gyroscope VG910H FOG VG910F-LN with enhanced bias performance  1 200g fiber optic gyroscope VG910H1 Gyro sensor VG910F with bias calibration  Fiber optic gyroscope VG910D with RS232/RS422 VG910F1 - 1st ever FOG in civilian aviation 
Fiber optic gyro VG095M with bias calibration -60°C operating gyroscope  FOG VG095D with RS 232/RS 422 & built-in diagnostics Customizable & Highly Precise FOG VG035P Customizable FOG VG035PD with RS 232/422