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This fiber optic gyro series features compact fully plastic design (no metal parts) coupled with a choice of outputs (differential, single-ended, digital) at low cost. The basic model VG103PT offers the best combination of excellent performance and superb shock/vibration endurance. The gyro sensors VG103LN and VG103F1-LN stand out for their extremely low noise. There are also highly accurate over a wide temperature range FOGs and a compact gyro VG103S with unrivaled shock endurance in the series.




Information Guide          Specifications Summary




VG103PT     Outstanding shock/vibration endurance

VG103S        Easy-to-mount design, compactness, improved shock endurance

VG103D       RS 232 / RS 422, built-in diagnostics

VG103LN     Extra sensitive

VG103LND  RS 232 / RS 422, low noise performance

VG103F1       Built-in bias calibration

VG103F1-LNBuilt-in bias calibration, low noise