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VG 091A Datasheet (.pdf, 1.03Mb)
VG 091B Datasheet (.pdf, 1.08Mb)
VG 091B-2LN Datasheet (.pdf, 1.22Mb)


The basic model of this series is VG091A - the smallest and lightest ever fiber optic gyro. The series features thumb-sized design combined with instant start-up and low power consumption. There are fiber optic gyroscopes with north seeking capability, magnetic immunity and suppressed vibration response. The gyro sensor VG091B has orthogonal (compared to VG091A) sensing axis orientation.



Information Guide          Specifications Summary




VG091A               Smallest fiber optic gyroscope ever

VG091A-2LN      North seeking capability

VG091A-2LN MSUltimate magnetic immunity

VG091B               Orthogonal (to VG091A) sensing axis orientation

VG091B-2LN       Low noise performance

VG091B-2LN MSMagnetically immune