Info Notes

The document describes the ADC board used in Fizoptika digital gyroscopes.

The document describes the advanced electronics with built-in bias calibration used in the

single-ended gyroscopes such as VG910F models, VG035 series gyro products, some of  the VG103

series models, etc. 

The document describes the electronics board used in the FOGs with differential output such as

VG091 series, VG910H models, some of  the VG103 series gyro products, etc.

The document describes the characteristics of the output used in the digitized models indicated

with a letter D. 

The document contains definitions of the terms used in Fizoptika manuals, datasheets and other


The document describes the fiber optic sensing assembly and its main components.

The document describes the open-loop FOG principle of operation, its major parts and components,

analog output, production technology.

The document describes a method of calculating the fiber optic gyroscope reliabilty by estimating

lifetime and mean time to failure (MTTF). 

The document describes pin/pad assignment of Fizoptika fiber optic gyroscopes.