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Fiber optic gyroscope production area     

In 1990 Fizoptika (the name originated from Physical Optics), one of the world's leading fiber optic gyroscope (FOG) manufacturers, invented:


star Specialty 40µ PM fiber for Fiber Optic Gyroscopes;

star Jointless technology for manufacturing an all-fiber sensing assembly;

star In-line high performance crystal-fiber polarizer; 

star Soldering technique for robust SLD-module manufacturing.


By 1995 Fizoptika had set up high volume cost-effective manufacturing of high performance FOGs and since then has delivered more than 140 000 sensors worldwide.

Fizoptika gyros are used all over the world as embedded devices by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) or as stand-alone sensors for testing and measurement to provide critical monitoring, feedback and control input. Our innovative technologies enable the customers to enhance their overall system performance by significantly reducing the size and weight of their products as well as manufacturing cost.


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Series in production: 

VG910 since 1990

VG091 since 1995

VG103 since 2010





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Fiber Optic Gyroscope 

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Fiber Optic Light Emitting


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Fiber-Crystal Polarizer 

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Unit for Fiber Optic Coupler


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Unit for Fiber Optic

Polarizer Manufacturing 

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Fiber Optic Gyrocompass 

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Fiber Optic Gyroscope

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Factor of Fiber Optic


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Fiber Optic Gyroscope 

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Fibre Optic Gyroscope